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to romney have an advantage now. you start to see democrats, african-americans, latinos get excited after tonight's debate. >> the debate opened on a very fast pace. martha raddatz was not going to be jim lehrer and they started with an obvious vulnerability for the administration, which is benghazi. they had a very sharp exchange. and then not, one of ryan's soundbites of the night came out, which was the foreign policy is unraveling. i think where the clip of that exchange. flesh academy can talk about it. >> is this a massive intelligence failure, vice president i? >> it was a tragedy, martha appeared chris stevens was one of the best. i can make two commitments to you. one, we will find and bring to justice the men who did this. and secondly, we will get to the bottom of it. wherever the facts lead us, we'll make clear to the american public. whatever mistakes i made will not be made again. when you look in president, martha, it seems to me should look at his most important responsibility. that is caring for the national security of the country in the best ways to look at how he handl
democrats. democrats seemed disappointed in the president last night. people feel mitt romney had a much better debate performance. crass crisper on a lot of policy arguments. push back on that. tell us why he won, if you believe that? >> well, i think that, yeah, governor romney might well have been more aggressive but i don't believe he was more presidential. i believe the president obama handled himself with that dignified reserve is his hallmark. anybody that expected him to come out in an aggressive in your face way has not been watching the president for these last four years. i thought the president was particularly strong tonight, especially in contrasting the two economic views of these candidates. president obama's view of how we fix our economy. much more in line with main strewn americans believe, the middle class believes. the things that president clinton used, balanced approach. opportunity and, i thought that governor romney really didn't do anything to dissuade the general public from the view that he would like to go back to the days of the bush tax cuts for the wealthy
ahead in the polls. however, if you aggregated the contest that co, among catholic voters romney won the catholic vote. there were ten states where there was polling done and in eight of those, romney won gingrich and santorum one of the primary. what this is we already saw the data on kerry is that being catholic no longer matters for the catholic voter in term of the candidate. it mattered with jjk. it hasn't mattered since. the fact there are two vice presidential candidates here that are catholic, i don't think that it polls the catholic vote in either direction. i think democratic catholic are very comfortable voting for joe biden and republicans are comfortable voting for paul ryan. now tracking here with multiple sources including many pew surveys looking at registered voters this is among registered voters all the way back to a year ago, if you average over the whole trend, the president has a lead 48 percent to 45% and currently it's at 50% versus 45 percent among registered voters. you can see here just brief periods of time when romney was basically won the nomination, he
on less money. it has split the money in the private sector. if romney gets elected, that's a debate showhouse. so the how high do taxes go? if romney gets elected, the debate will be how low can they keep taxes. how can we reform the tax system? how do we go to a flat tax or flattener taxes so that we end up with one or two rates. we end up with fewer deductions, fewer exemptions, put that into a lower rate. i think governor romney is absolutely right that you don't list all of this now. you couldn't possibly know what all of those are now. you couldn't possibly negotiate peer but the difference in direction will be germanic. in one case the direction will be, how do we increase revenues to the government? in the other case the direction will be, how do we have the steep revenues where they are and see if we can't reduce them a little and then where do we find reductions in spending? that's a very, very exciting period of time to go through. that's what i went through when i worked for president reagan as associate attorney general. president reagan as he notes, even with the democr
i couldn't quite tell practically if there romney people wanted to just be out front so they were getting down there quickly, or if they felt that there guy wasn't doing all that well and they wanted to come and search for an alternative narrative very quickly. so that was an interesting thing. being here in the hall was very interesting watching those obama zingers come one after the other. it's going to be interesting to see how those play a very aggressive performance by the president. the question whether it will seem a little too aggressive, the republicans are already charging he didn't seem presidential than some of those moments. on the flip side, as you were saying, there was some concerns that we are seeing on the right already about what romney is aggressive enough. did he try to hard to look presidential and show some bipartisan spirit and agree with the president but not in that making his own foreign policy perhaps he should have. >> i love the calculation of calibration. how to out the debate in the head to think about how aggressive july look, how aggressive do mys
've heard of the square deal. mitt romney is trying to sell you a sketchy deal. [cheers and applause] we are not buying it. >> i see c-span in a business capacity. i love keeping up at the hearings. if i'm keeping that with what's going on live, i go to c-span. it's what i needed in my business capacity that i was able to watch it and i felt very current and up-to-date. >> a cybersecurity was the last one. i didn't want to wait for the coverage a couple of years later. >> a look now at the changing geopolitical map of the middle east. roxane farmanfarmaian at a lecture at the university of cambridge examines event including the civil war, rep from iran's nuclear program, new alliances in what she calls the arab cold war. she spoke at a form of the world affairs council of dallas, ft. worth. this 50 minute event begins with an introduction by the council's chairman, patricia patterson. >> good morning everyone. >> i welcome you to the series endowment lecture. with the help of many new in this room, it has established several years ago to bring people of great as he does become issues. an
to names being discussed in the republican circle as omb dirt in the romney administration. although they will come it's unclear if nasa would return to omb. maybe he can clarify that for us. a little bit about the ground rules. this is about you and your question, so were going to get right to them. it's your opportunity to ask whatever questions you want of a man who's really an expert on the budget process and the current situation. i'm here to facilitate things. i think i have an easier time of it than the moderators at the presidential debate had, but we'll see. when the interrupt you -- sorry. so, i'd like everybody now, if you have questions, we have people stationed with microphones around the room. so just give an indication in the dtp before that, it will exercise the moderator's privilege to ask the opening question. and that i can't resist just going straight to top a, which is the sequester, the fiscal cliff, the great deal of uncertainty. president obama said at the sequester that it will not happen. but at the same time can be certain to veto legislation that's not to
? and then the second part that have question would be how would you contrast the obama campaign versus the romney campaign? >> well, that's a great question. i mean, i remember being in a room -- we used to have the meeting every morning in chicago, and i remember sitting in this room. it was later in the campaign, it was maybe september, october, maybe sometime around this time and we would meet every morning with the senior staff. i remember looking out the window of the high-rise. i remember thinking could i do it again in every day you come together and you plan out what is going to happen during the day and at night i would come home and turn on the tv. because, you know, you have the meeting and everybody scattered and did what they were going to do. you hear what the candidates is going to do that cay and the execution of the event of the day. i would come home at night and see how the event went. you would see the event play ought in the farway city. i think i thought then it was done. this is as much as i could do. i decided i wasn't going duodwo 2012. my son, you know, was now a year ol
come out. i make no prediction. i ask myself if romney gets smashed, if he gets smashed, it would -- i happen to think the political problem in the country we have a center left party and we have a far right party. that is a structure problem. the republican party has gone nuts in my view. >> analytical judgment. [laughter] >> they've been simultaneously they have been at war with mas and physics at the same time. [laughter] on the deficit, it was, you know, deficit doesn't matter. and yeah and biology too a guy in missouri too. so the question to me is what happens the morning after the morning after the election if romney loses? the morning after they'll say it wasn't because he wasn't far night enough. i wonder the morning after the morning after. a lot of people say we have gone too far to the right. we need a different republican party. we need a center right republican party. i think the country needs. because it needs to be a check on the left and the center left, and it's the only way we're going get big comprises on the big issues. >> can i add, i mean, a little history can cl
we saw is romney who wanted to argue small points. part of it is as you say how much they dislike each other. he was not going to give obama an inch. but he came off looking a little eddie haskell. he came off looking a little at the tattletale, constantly criticizing the moderator can even seem to dispute the rules. just roll with it. >> if you're just another first couple minutes, in the energy question, mr. president, how many have actually done? obama didn't have a great answer. he could have set up at one time and stepped back a little. >> fewer but better if he smiled you looked shaky at lemon juice in his mouth. >> again, this is all about the independent voters and particularly women. the question -- we should bring you another question about how he handled the question about fairness and how do women vis-À-vis specifically talked about. he did surround himself with more women in his anybody else. he did make a push to have the thought of women in his administration. his had a binder full of women and i won't hide -- >> why can't you find yourself? fighter jet to go to gr
and mitt romney. the panel will include former congressman bart gordon, weekly stand editor bill crystal and former candidate john huntsman. we'll have live coverage on c-span2 beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. almost twenty years ago we broadcast one of the most controversial stories in our e years on the air. it was called yes, but is it . >> i was accused of being a -- someone lackingest threatic sensibility to appreciate the challenge nature much some art. in the twenty years, works the questions wort hundreds of thousands of dollars are worth hundreds of million. so what made everybody so mad twenty years ago? >> i discovered something that i had absolutely could barely believe. that when you question someone tastes [inaudible] than religion, sexual preference, it's something that goes to the very [inaudible] you say you bought that? sixty minutes on the career at cbs. walt tear cron cite and journalism today. sunday at 8 on c-span q & a. >>> i have all the channels, 1992 senate plus author book review speeches, those kinds of things. if i know a bill is coming up on the floor of the
and mitt romney in their debates. c-span's live cocoverage starts at 7 eastern. >>> tuesday, there was a session on the fiscal cliff, spending cuts, and tax increases scheduled to take effect in january 2013. speakers include peter, republican congressman from illinois, and alson schwartz, a democrat from pennsylvania here op c-span2. later, the american enterprise institute hears from the education advisers for the obama and romney campaigns to discuss their candidate's policy plans live at 4:30 eastern here on c-span2. >> i watch c-span because when i want to get familiar without a lot of talking and pundits adding their point of view, i can get the original script from a person, and then i can come to my own cop collusion. c-span, c-span2, and c-span 2; c-span2 is booktv which i love, and c-span2 is history, and sometimes i want to visit the senate and see what the house is doing. that's c-span too. >> she watches c-span on verizon, c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979 brought to you as a public service by your television provider. >> october marks the 50t
romney claims to be bailing out than there were last year and three, the cost of being in it for the seniors has dropped 16% because of the savings that have been enact the and because people are being competed for. not only has no disaster occurred, medicare is stronger because of the changes that the president has made. these are taxed on the democrats. chawlz -- [cheering and applause] now, what else are they going to do? harry reid said that, they want to repeal governor romney does the student loan reforms. so if they got a lot in common with medicare. here's what happens, president obama and the congress in 2009 adopted a long-term change in the way students borrowed money to go to college. and it used to be for years and years that the government gave money to the banks in the form of guarantees, we would guarantee 90% of the bank loan that the banks made to the students. set ago is side the reserve in case the money didn't get repaid. it turned out the price of the loans went down and the default rate went down once you made the rates down, people could afford t
, i could see a lot of tea partiers peeling off and going home to republican party. but if mitt romney wins and moves in a massachusetts direction, where his compromise and in doing a big government conservative some to govern, i see it taking off and especially if democrats win in continuing trillion dollars deficit, that the tea party is just going to grow. so i am not sure in any circumstance and really see a five-year lifespan on it. >> i distinguish between the durability of the sentiment in the individuals in the durability of the movement as an independent movement. and that as you say does depend to some extent on what republicans do. will be interesting to see if mitt romney is selected if he governs as the mitt romney of the primaries, this group will be fairly pleased. at the very heart of the standards are very high and the compromises to whack him. if he governs as the mitt romney of debate, or attacking george w. bush territory or worse. but the first thing he does is made to compromise, watch out. when i talk to them about this, at least to people in relative leadership
featured prominently in last night's presidential debate. governor romney talked about shifting people currently under the age of 55 to a voucher like program for health care when they reach age 65. president obama's affordable care act does not offer a truly long-term fix to medicare. so, what is your plan to keep medicare solid while not forcing seniors to fend for themselves? >> well, for me, medicare is not an esoteric debate. my mom who worked in the factories of new jersey, where char to get us into the middle class in the twilight of her life she was fighting alzheimer's. medicare was her health care security. they made a difference with her to live in dignity. that's why under the act on trent affordable care act we extended life until 2024. that's why we'll continue to look at the life of medicare as some of what we did it beginning to eliminate the waste, fraud and abuse. that is part of why we extend the life of medicare by stopping over payments to insurance companies prospectively and also maybe i don't know that warren buffett and bill gates made medicare. so maybe we hav
, be it mr. obama or romney should more probably make the case publicly, here's a couple things to generate double or rate of economic growth say a 3.5%. one would be a comprehensive budget deal. what else would be on jamie dimon's list? >> when they give you the big picture about america, this great country of ours. the president recognized one thing for certain. they're going into that office with the world straight fresh. how terrible that america, it's just not true. those of you travel around the world have the best military in the family i transplantable for years. i'm talking about a venture capital, private equity, markets and bond markets. we have among the best businesses on the planet. small, medium and large with one of the most innovative entrepreneurial country around. i'm not talking about steve jobs. steve jobs. all in on the fact, steve jobs, you name it. we invest more capital equipment. we have a good rule of law, no longer the best. we still have a work ethic bear. if you're going to invest one place in this planet, it would be here. so we've got to get beyond. we don't
. but it does remind me that, you know, everybody knows mitt romney is having a rough, rough patch as presidential candidate -- [applause] but, all right, all right. yeah. but, you know, a sentence that i have not heard uttered anywhere is if only donald trump had been the nominee. [laughter] because as you recall, he sort of built his campaign around the idea that barack obama was born in kenya or somewhere other than the united states. but that campaign did not take off exactly. [laughter] and mitt romney is there for better or worse. and it is -- and in all seriousness, you know, when barack obama's parents got married in 1960, and it was in kenya -- it was, i'm sorry, it was in hawaii, it was not a freudian slip, that was just wrong. they got married in hawaii. there were people in prison in this country for racial intermarriage. i mean, that's no joke. it was illegal in 20 states in 1960, and it just gives you an idea of how much the country has changed in a good way. but right after richard nixon became president, four vacancies appeared on the supreme court. you never know h
of the fair deal. you've heard of the square deal. that romney is trying to sell you a sketchy deal. [cheers and applause] who we are not buying it. >> i watch two programs on c-span. every presidential election year, when you show your old conventions beaches in your debates, and that's a great service you guys offer. i thought the memory of being eight years old and watching the old conventions. for a political junkie like me, that's great. the fact he do that with debates is wonderful. the fact you focus on a wide range of public policy issues, there's something for everybody, whether interested in national security, housing policy comes something that the economy. i like that you guys cover topsoil that is covered. >> now, debate between the candidates for arizona's ninth congressional district. former democratic state senator, kyrsten sinema and vernon parker, the city council approved the ninth district resided in arizona after the 2010th insists. it includes 10:00 p.m. part of phoenix, scottsdale, mesa and chandler. my mod back to >> good evening and welcome to the special about 2012
those who have waited most notably president obama and governor romney october 3rd. romney. every three economy has good regulation at the same time it can be excessive. the dodd/frank has a number prohibitions with unintended consequences that are harmful for the economy and killing regional small banks five would repeal and replace it. >> president obama it is because of reckless behavior on wall street putting mean street address we had to step and nfl since the 1930's so the question think we have to much oversight? senator warner of virginia, congress never gets it rice with massive reform legislation the first time through. you head out then you come back to do it correctly. secretary of treasury tim geithner. >> with strong defense of the dodd/frank act. remember the financial crisis of 2008 you read of the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on lobbyist to repeal financial reform. they're not perfect but in place would have limited the financial crisis. basel iii capital and -- requirements and burdens were intended for our big banks would effectively put community banks
along the east coast have been canceled. president obama and republican nominee mitt romney canceling their tuesday events. and just tonight we learned that the final debate in the massachusetts senate race scheduled for tuesday evening between senator scott brown and elizabeth warren has been cancelled. wednesday from the producer, because of daylight savings time in the u.k. this week promises questions we will air at 8:00 a.m. eastern and said its usual 7:00 a.m. you can see it live here on c-span2. >> i especially like watching the gavel-to-gavel coverage. also enjoy newsmakers. the book program. i like that the commentary is only intended to let you know what's going on. there is really too much analysis. there certainly isn't opinion, and i appreciate how i can really see through and understand the programming itself and i can get my. [indiscernible] elsewhere. >> justin drolen watches c-span on comcast. c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your television provider. >> now more from the florida law school conference. next, w
that are on the agenda. what about romney administration? what sorts of proposal, if any, have been articulated? >> well, let me make it clear that i did not say that there had been a proposal by the administration. they produced a long awaited white paper in january of 2011. a government solution, he plans solution, or a hybrid solution. i am not being facetious in saying that. so we haven't had a proposal from either side. the mortgage market has changed because of that and i think that the republicans and the administration, as they came in, would want to go more towards a free-market kind of solution without any gse. i would hope that the suggestion that i made and the mortgage bankers association made would be seen as something that both sides could live with, and that it is largely a private capital solution. there is not a freddie or fannie. they're our are capital companies that are competing to have the ability to pay a premium in order to get a government guarantee of their underlying security. i would hope that that would seem is enough of a free-market solution that republicans would be okay
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